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Registration is entirely free and is easy to do. When you create an account, you'll be guided through the whole process, from filling in your details to verifying your account. You can visit the Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about the site and how it works before you sign up.

If you didn't receive your verification email, you may need to add to your Safe Sender list. This will stop any notifications from us mistakenly being sent you your junk email folder.

The Games

Draws are available to any person who has registered with the site and verified their details. There are two games on offer - the Daily Draw worth £500 and the Weekly Draw worth £10,000. On signing up, you'll get the chance to play in the next available Weekly Draw, but after that you will need to play the Daily Draw at least three times in a calendar week to qualify for the Weekly Draw again.

You can find out more about how to play both games by visiting the How it Works page.

Picking Your Numbers

If you've finished setting up your account and verifying your details, you can start playing Free Lottery games straight away. There are two ways to enter; you can pick your numbers on your own if you wish, or have them randomly generated for you using the Quick Pick option. If you're an analytical type, you can check out the Free Lottery Statistics page, which provides information about which numbers have been drawn most frequently, those which are picked the least, which numbers are most overdue and more.


Whether you came up with your numbers on your own or relied on the Quick Pick option to generate your ticket, you can always find out about how well you did by visiting the Latest Results page.

You can also find details of past draws on the Free Lottery Results Archive page so that you stay up-to-date with all the latest information from the Daily and Weekly Draws

Claiming a Prize

If you've checked the results and think you've won a Free Lottery prize, you can start the claims procedure by getting in touch with the Free Lottery team through the Contact Us page*.

In the event that you are contacted by someone who you believe isn't part of the Free Lottery team about a win or your account, visit the Scams page for tips on how to protect yourself.

Anything Else?

If you're still having issues and can't find an answer here or on any other page of, then feel free to get in touch by using the Contact Us page.

*Prizes must be claimed within 2 working days of the winning draw. If no one matches all six numbers in a Daily Draw or Weekly Draw, no prize will be awarded for that draw. See Terms & Condtions for the full Free Lottery rules.