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Player Rules

  • Entrants must be 18 or over.
  • Players can only have one account. Maintaining more than one account will invalidate all entries.
  • Players are only allowed one entry in each draw.
  • New players qualify for the next available Weekly Draw as soon as they register. Weekly Draws take place at 14:00 UTC every Monday and tickets are available until 12:00 UTC on the day of the draw.
  • After gaining automatic qualification for one Weekly Draw based on registering for the site, players must then qualify for future Weekly Draws by taking part in the Daily Draw at least three times in the space of a week. This period of time begins at 15:00 UTC on a Monday and ends at 12:00 UTC on the following Monday.
  • Tickets are electronically stored in your Free Lottery account and are only valid for the draw stated on that individual ticket.
  • Results are published on the Latest Results page and players should log in to check their tickets after each draw to find out whether they have won a prize. will not contact players to remind them to check the results or to notify them of any jackpot wins.
  • To claim a prize, players must contact us within 30 days of the relevant draw to start the process. Any prize due will be paid out by a cheque made out to the name registered to the player's account. Cheques will be delivered by registered post.
  • By registering for an account at, players agree to participate in publicity surrounding the game should they win a prize. This may include providing photographs and a quote for use on Larger prizes may be presented in person for publicity purposes.

Does that all sound fair enough? If so then make sure you sign up to play Free Lottery or, if you already have an account, go get your Free Lottery tickets!